Blessed Into A Higher Spiritual Realm

Blessed into a higher spiritual realm

Sent: Wednesday, April 11, 2007 10:24 AM

Subject: Blessed into a higher spiritual realm

Pastor Vitale:

I am emailing you today to tell you how blessed I am that God has chosen me to benefit from the great anointing he has given you.

I just today started reading from your Christ centered Kabbalah web site. I am reading "Other Worlds" and can hardly put it down. I have already down loaded another text "Stephens Martyrdom in light of Kabbalah".

But here is how God blessed me beyond measure today. I just started reading "Other Worlds" today and then I went to the GE forum website (the one that XXX has been involved with) and what do I find posted there something about the most revered Kabalistic Rabbi name Yizakh Karduri, who passed away a year ago. Anyway the article is written by some administrator on the GE forum and had some very negative things to say about Kabbalah. I am not influenced by his negativity as I am already convinced that Christ-centered Kabbalah is true, so I am not swayed by his negativity about Kabbalah, as you have proven to me that Kabbalah without Christ is not right, but you have also shown me that throwing the whole thing out is not right also.

I have attached the whole article as written. Just briefly the article starts out with the rush of excitement rushing throughout Israel and the Internet about the fact that before he died he said that he had recently met the Messiah. Anyway I won't elaborate on it anymore, I will just let you read the article yourself.

I am receiving from God today a confirmation that he has me on the right track and keep pursuing his truth which is Christ Jesus.

Blessings to you today, Pastor Vitale.



Pastor Vitale's response:

Thank you for this email. I really appreciate your appreciation :).

I will read the attached article soon.

God bless you,

Pastor Sheila Vitale.

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