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Wed 01/03/2007

Pastor Vitale wrote :

Hello all

As you all know, I had cataract surgery on both of my eyes in 2006.  Now there is a problem with the retina in both of my eyes. So far only the sight of my right eye is being hindered. The doctor tells me that this condition does not usually get worse, but that it can get worse.

I am scheduled to take a test which will help the doctor let me know what my options are on January 23 at 1 p.m. 

I would appreciate your prayers.

Thank you. 


Pastor Sheila Vitale.


Sent: Wednesday, January 03, 2007 4:23 AM

Father I cry out to you for mercy.  Your Word is deliverence.  Your desire is to be seen.  Lord Jesus break the spinal column within the Serpents time line that is hindering Abel to rise within Pastor Vitale.  I break all specks of dust that are attempting to form within Pastor Vitale's retina's.  Father I pray for your rod to be dipped into the honeycomb and dripped upon the eyes of Pastor Vitale.  Lord place the enlightening upon her eyes.  Let the statutes and commandments of the Lord flow like a river upon her heart.  May the radiance of the Son shine brightly upon her face, and may the eyes increase in strength daily.  Father enlighten her darkness.  Lord your Word is truth, Your Word is pure.  Your Word is righteous.  By your breath the mountains shake and the waters tremble.  I pray upon Pastor Vitale the eyes of an Eagle.  That she might see the serpents from a distance, and know the victory before the battles are fought.  Restore her Lord.  I Bless you Pastor Vitale.  I pray peace upon.  I speak righteousness upon your bones.  Christ Blood upon your veins.  May the Sons of God be added unto you.  May the tabernacle of David be restored in you.


I love you Pastor Vitale in Christ

May you see Him face to face.



Thank you for this beautiful prayer. I receive it fully.

I find it so interesting that you speak about the spinal column within the Serpent’s timeline. It appears that this is the way the Lord spoke the reality of the “Sefirot” to you. I have been teaching on the Kabbalistic principle of the Sefirot for about 5 years now, and I know that they exist both in Christ and on “the other side,” but I never perceived the Sefirot of the other side to be the Serpent’s spinal column. How interesting! Well, in any event, as I have told you concerning your dreams, you have many Kabbalistic principles in your spirit J.

FYI, the Sefirot of the Serpent are in one straight, vertical line, but the Sefirot of Christ are in three vertical columns, 3, 4 and 3. As I wrote the above (not knowing why), the following thought came to mind:

BACKGROUND: Both the left and the right columns are incomplete. They are not representative of a whole man, but represent a partial man, or the partial tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  Only the middle column is a complete man, Christ Jesus. The geometrical expression. of Adam in right standing with God, is the square. When Adam fell, the Serpent acquired one of Adam’s “legs,” and fallen adam became a spiritual triangle. (The Lord taught us this more about 7 or 8 years ago.)

QUESTION (to the Lord): I wonder if Jesus and the two thieves who flanked him on three crosses represented this Kabbalistic principle? I have never had a satisfactory answer as to what Jesus meant when He said “this day you will be with me in paradise.” The thought has come to me that Jesus might have meant that He was swallowing up the whole living soul. Also, Bill Britton said something to that effect, but I was never quite satisfied with that answer.

          Now, however, that I see the two thieves as the left and right columns of the “rectified” (rearranged), Sefirot, it makes sense. Jesus could say “this day” for two reasons: 1) “day” could have been referring to this generation, and/or 2) the evil and good sides of fallen adam were, indeed, swallowed up into Christ “in the Spiritual worlds.,” but not yet in the soul or physical planes of consciousness.

          The thief who would not repent is Cain, and the thief who did repent is Abel, who has been as guilty as Cain, since Cain overcame him.

          Thank you again, and God bless you and all you put our hand to.

Love in Christ,

Pastor Sheila Vitale.

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