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Shalom Pastor Vitale: 

I'm a 29 year old Portuguese interested in Mysticism in general (Theosophy, Kabbalah, Gnosticism) and I was web-searching for topics related to Malkhut until I found your page, message 550, part 25, which was what I was looking for: to understand the creation of this  world, and how it is dependant of the other worlds. Modern Kabbalists, namely the Masters of Safed, Ysrael ( don't talk of our world as being the pit of the "refuse" parts of the higher worlds, but I always believed, or even felt that this world was the refuse pit or the closest world to it. But it's wonderful to see how perfect is this "evil" world, or at least, how perfectly it is ruled, how mighty and merciful is God. 
Merciful He/She is for sure, I can say that based on my short- life experience, that the Merciful God rules over the accuser-god, or I wouldn't be here, today, talking to you. I have sinned so much, blasphemed so much against Him, tried to destroy this body that is His temple, that if Mercy wasn't mightier than Judgment I would be dead  long ago. May God grant Us peace and deliver us from evil. Amen.


PASTOR VITALE: hello xxxxxxx

Thank you for this email.

God bless you.

Sheila R. Vitale,
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