Thank You For All Your Labor

Email sent to Pastor Vitale 


Dear Pastor Sheila,


I thank God for today's message. Once again for the depth, anointing and invaluable knowledge which has become the norm in your ministrations. I have continually been bombarded with so much complex information of God's truth that I get overwhelmed these days. But your admonition for us to agonize was such a wonderful clue which I find very encouraging. This was a vital key to strive even harder to receive new strength and enter into the next realm of understanding and relationship with Christ Jesus.


I thank you for all your labor and sacrifice for the ministry. Christ in me tells me, the harvest is coming. I pray for strength for all to qualify to partake in the glory which is to come.


I testify to your living testimony about your ability and breakthrough in building websites. The sites are creative and remarkable as I have noted before. And the design and quality of the books also confirm creative ability which could have come only from God. 


I pray for your God's healing from all infirmities that interfere with your body in the precious name of Jesus Christ.


God bless you always! 




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