Pastor Appreciation Day 2016 - 3

Email sent to Pastor Vitale on Pastor Appreciaton Day - October 4, 2016:




It has truly been a pleasure knowing Pastor Sheila since I became a LEM/CCK member. I am grateful that the Lord directed me to her ministry. From her hundreds of messages I learned a lot about the Lord and about myself. It was not an easy road learning about the carnal mind that we are born with.


Pastor Sheila and her teachings expose my sin nature. At first my carnal mind wants to resist, and deny the truth. As I listened to what was being said. I knew that I had to consider what had been revealed. She wanted to help me grow into the mind of Christ.


Also you want what is best for us. You want us to learn and know how the mind of Christ thinks. You are preparing us to receive what the Lord has for us. I thank you and the Lord for allowing me the opportunity to preach. What I learn from you and Him help me to listen and prepare for the messages.


Pastor Sheila you taught me from our on the job trainings, visiting conferences, after-meeting discussions and at the dinner table how to respond from the Christ mind. And that the mind of Christ never sleeps. He is always presence in the midst. I never learn any of the above from the churches I had attended.


The Lord has truly called you to teach, preach his doctrines and you continue to this day, in the face of pastor's rejection of the messages, books, spiritual and physical attacks. You are on the front line in the battle, taking the blows and from your experiences, you share it with us in hope that we listen and apply what you learned to our lives so we do not have to go through the same thing.


Pastor Sheila is truly a faithful servant. This is evident from the many written messages, books, preachings, websites, spiritual and physical experiences and YouTube channel.


It is my prayer that the Lord bless you with every spiritual and physical thing that you need to continue his work. God Bless you on your appreciation day.


In Christ, 

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