Dreams And Its Spiritual Principles

Pastor Vitale’s Response to a Brethren’s Dreams


Brethren’s Comments:


Dear Pastor Sheila,


I was glad to hear your testimony at Sunday’s fellowship regarding your health situation. Also, I am grateful for your messages which continue to liberate and bless me in great measure. 


Could you believe I slept off before the end of the message on Sunday? This is the second time in 3 weeks. I had never slept off before. You may have something to say about this. I guess I was just tired.


Dream #1:


During a flight, several rows behind me, I noticed that an elderly man was sick and was being attended to by a woman, presumable travelling with him. The sick man later died and could see that the body had been wrapped up. That was it.


Dream #2:


The second dream soon afterwards, involved people in a room, house or could have been inside a plane but it was an interior. Everyone was rushing out of the place in panic. I didn't seem to be involved but I just captured the scene. That was the end as I woke up afterwards. 


I’d appreciate if this dream could be added to your thoughts, peradventure you may receive an interpretation.


As you are busy with writing at this time, I am expecting a response only at your convenience. 


Thank you.

In Christ



Pastor’s Comments:


Hello D,


It is not unusual to fall asleep when a heavy anointing falls. Sometimes it is hard to preach because I am falling asleep myself.


About your dreams, their short duration limits my ability to interpret them. It is interesting, however, that someone else had a dream about a man dying. In that dream, the man was pregnant, but giving birth to a tumor. He died, however, before the tumor departed from him.


My interpretation of that dream is that the man was pregnant with the child of the First Adam, called "the Beast," but he died to his sin nature before it was born - hopefully through conviction of sin and repentance. Only his legs could be seen. The rest of his body was behind a curtain. "Curtain" is one of the words the Kabbalists use to describe the Sefirot. So, we can say that his higher Sefirot were joined to righteous Adam and only the lower Sefirot died as a result of his ascension, i.e., unification with Righteous Adam.


Your dream came one or two days before the other. If they are related, I would say that the sick man is the First Adam and the female is the personality that he is living in. I must take the positive interpretation unless the Lord tells me otherwise, so I believe the man died to the sins that the Lord is currently revealing in him.


I don't know what to say about the second dream other than, if they are related, I have no problem believing that the man is panicking over his situation.


Sincerely in Christ,

Pastor Sheila R. Vitale


Brethren’s Comments:


Dear Pastor Sheila,


I am grateful for your response especially the interpretation of the dream in such deep spiritual context. I am blessed by the truth from this and will meditate to receive the full understanding.


However, I must confess that a part of me initially reacted to the dream literarily according to the negativity of it. Perhaps due to fear, I had related the dream to a warning of death of a person but I am encouraged to always seek your opinion. And you have uplifted my outlook.


I am learning that situations should not be looked at on face value but to allow Christ within to give insight into the spiritual. For example, in the dream, a flight or plane journey cannot be narrowed only to a physical airplane, as it may depict a spiritual flight or realm. It is encouraging to note that the death in dream could be interpreted as dying to sins or personality. 


In your interpretation of the other dream (third paragraph), you mentioned that the lower Sefirot died as a result of the unification with Righteous Adam. I am just wondering what the implication of the death of the lower Sefirot or attributes would be. If there has been an ascension, would the loss of the lower Sefirot matter or would it be regained later? 


Thank you for your time and effort. 

In Christ,



Pastor’s Comments:




Yes, I always interpret dreams according to the spiritual principles that the Lord has taught me. The most recent lesson I have learned concerning this is concerning my niece who stopped talking to me after her mother, my sister, died. The Lord told me that he would have her husband (a reasonable man) tell her she should speak to me and not end the relationship. If she did hot listen to him, then she would die. I was shocked when I heard this word and upset that anyone might die simply because they did something wrong to me. But now, at least five years later (probably more) I hear from my nephew that she is alive and well and that she and her husband moved to a new location. Upon questioning the Lord, he explained to me that as far as I am concerned, she died in that she refuses all contact and did not even let me know that she moved. As far as I am concerned she died, meaning I will probably never see her again unless the Lord should decide to raise her from the dead, i.e., bring her back into my life.


In response to your question, the lower Sefirot are Netzach, Hod, Yesod and Malchut. Netzach-Hod work as a pair and are usually considered the carnal mind (Hod) and the activities generated and driven by the carnal mind (Netzach). Yesod is the male who carried the male seed (in this case, the seed of the serpent) and Malchut is the female, who is kingdom, in this case, the foundation of the kingdom of darkness.


The positive counterparts of these four Sefirot, the Mind of Christ and the power to pursue and achieve his goals, the male seed of the manchild and Christ, the foundation of the Kingdom of God, are all in the Second Adam who has just swallowed up and incorporated within himself all of the elemental attributes that existed in Adam before he was corrupted. In other words, the parts of the First Adam that could be rescued were retrieved and incorporated into the New Man, but that which was born of the Serpent, or corrupted beyond rescue, was discarded.


As always, your dream and question will be published along with my responses, but your name will be excluded.


I am always happy to have the opportunity to peer into the state of a disciple's progress through their questions. Yours were very insightful. Thank you for your dream, questions and comments.


Sincerely in Christ,

Pastor Sheila R. Vitale

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