Receiving The Atonement

Receiving The Atonement


Pastor Vitale’s Response to a Brethren’s Dream


Hi R.


Your dream is very interesting. The basic principles are


The grocery store: healthy spiritual food


Pushing shopping carts to The front: getting ready to check out


What is interesting to me is that there is no distinction in your dream between the two women. In other words, would one be in the carnal mind and the other in their Christ mind? They both appear to be eating healthy food in a legitimate grocery store.


What is this means to me is that there are two women who are ready to deliver? I hope and believe one of them is me. The question is who is the other one? Or, does the other one represent the whole group?


It is true then I am very impatient and wondering why Jesus hasn’t showed up yet. I think I’ve been in labor for a long time.


Did you listen to the message that I preach with the new information about the atonement?


Message Name: COMMENTS ON A JEWISH-CHRISTIAN DEBATE - Pt.1.1 (#980.1.LEM) - 09/20/19 FRIDAY -


I am wondering if Yom Kippur, the day of atonement, which is coming in a few weeks, will be the day that some of us actually receive the atonement. This means we will not be able to be hurt anymore.


Thanks for the dream.




Brethren Response to Pastor’s Comments:


Hi Pastor,


Thank you for the interpretation of the dream. I don't remember the two women being different in any particular way, just that they both were very pregnant. Maybe this is the other side coming to term as well? Grocery stores sell junk food too ;).


I do pray the Lord Jesus will show up soon. I am aware that Yom Kippur is coming, but did not put that together with the debate about the atonement you preached on yesterday. I did watch the whole debate and listened to your commentary about it. I agree that it is very exciting that they both are missing the next step, which you have. I have to believe that God will bring it to pass in His own time. I am overwhelmed sometimes at the grandness of the revelation coming down and how it is all fitting together.


I learned a lot from your commentary, and didn't know that the crucifixion, death and resurrection was just a means to an end of bringing the new covenant into existence. Glory to God and may the atonement happen to you soon.


God bless your evening and praying you will be healed 100 percent.


Love, R

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