Romans, Chapter 10 - Alternate Translation (Verses 1-21)

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Romans, Chapter 10 - Alternate Translation (Verses 1-21)

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ROMANS 10:1-21




10.02a          I am a witness that Israel are zealous for God, and


10.01           It is truly the desire of my heart and my prayer to God, that they should be saved [from the second death],


10.02b         But they have not recognized


10.04           [That] Christ [is the ability of] everyone who trusts him to be fair and impartial, and


10.03           They are ignorant of God’s [intention to impart Christ, his] fair and impartial character [to them; so] they have not submitted [themselves to God, but, rather], seek, in their own [strength], to make their character fair and impartial;


10.05          Moses, wrote down the law [for the First] Adam, [so whoever] lives [the lifestyle of the First Adam [will be tried] according to the fairness and impartiality [of the Law of Moses],


10.06          But the fairness and impartiality of the moral conviction [of Christ] is explained like this:


                   Do not say in your heart, “The Shekinah [shall empower Christ] to ascend into heaven,” (That is [to say, the Shekinah], shall bind Christ to herself permanently”),


10.07          Or, “The Shekinah shall descend into the depths [of your soul], (that is [to say, the Shekinah shall loose] Christ from [the sleep of] death);


10.08          On the contrary, Elohim says, “The living Word in the mouth [of the evangelist] squeezes into your heart, and [it is] that [same] living Word [in your heart that] convinces you that we are preaching [the truth];


10.09          [Indeed, it is that same living Word] that [says],


                   “If [the word] in our mouth [is, indeed], the Logos together with the lord Jesus*, and you trust [the living Word] in your heart [that says] that God woke up Christ [who was asleep within Jesus, and that Jesus] was delivered from the [second] death** [because Christ rose within JESUS BEFORE JESUS WAS CRUCIFIED],


                    * The Logos (the Word of God (Rev 19:13)) is The Ancient of Days (Dan 7.9), (Ancient Adam, or Adam (man) of Antiquity (Gen 1:26)). Lord means Supreme Ruler. Christ Jesus, the Second Adam (1 Cor 15:45), is the Supreme Ruler of the Body (Col 1:18), and Jesus is the first personality that the Second Adam perfected (Lk 13:32).


                    ** The First death is the death of the spirit (1 Cor 15:22). The Second death is the death of the soul (Rev 20:14).


10.10          You will [also] trust [the living Word] in your heart [that says that your character can] be equal to [the character of Christ Jesus], and you will agree with your mouth that [the Lord Jesus Christ, the Name of] the Logos, can deliver you [from the second death also],


10.12          Because there is no [longer any] difference between the Jew and the Greek, since [the Logos, who is] the supreme authority over everything, [is willing to share his spiritual] wealth [with] everyone [that] calls [the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ],


10.13          Because everyone who happens to call on [the Lord Jesus Christ],* the Name of [that] supreme authority, shall be delivered [from the second death];


                    * Adam is the Name of the Ancient One, the Supreme Deity. The Lord Jesus Christ is the single Name of the Whole Second (Righteous) Adam (all his collective parts).


10.14          [But you say]. “How, then, shall they call on [the Lord Jesus Christ in the world] above, who they do not trust?


                    Indeed, How shall they trust [the Lord Jesus Christ] when they never heard of [him]?


                    Indeed, how shall they hear about him when there are no preachers [to tell them about him]?


10.15          Indeed, how shall [the evangelists] announce the good news of the Age of Righteousness, which engraves the Carnal Mind [of the fallen souls of the First Adam with the Mark of God], unless they preach the Gospel of Peace, which sets them apart [from the First Adam]?”


10.16          On the contrary, all of you do not [trust the Lord Jesus Christ because] you have not subordinated [your Carnal Mind] to the Gospel of Peace. Wherefore Isaiah says, “Jehovah Elohim [alone] trusts us;”


10.17          Therefore, [it is possible for you to be] convinced [that God woke up the Christ child within Jesus of Nazareth, and delivered Jesus from the second death, and that the Lord Jesus Christ is the Name of the Logos, and that Jesus can do the same thing for you that God did for him] by you hearing the Word of God, [and] by you hearing [about the Christ child, in particular];


10.21a          Indeed, the Logos says to Israel, “I have extended my hands towards all you unbelieving children of the Day, 


10.18a          [But] you did not hear the Logos, even though the spiritual message [of the Gospel of Peace] issued forth from the material bodies of all [the apostles, and] their narrative [was heard as far away as] the Roman Empire;


10.18b          On the contrary, [Israel]


10.21b          Contradicted me;


10.19a          Neither did Israel recognize [the works of] the Logos;


                    On the contrary, [even] Moses, [who performed miracles by the Logos while he was still attached to] the First [Adam, did] not [recognize] the Logos [within himself; 


10.19b          So] I [AM] enraged [the daughter of Zion by divorcing her, and] incited [Israel] to [the point of] rivalry with a [spiritually] unintelligent people [by choosing a people who were] not a nation. 


10.20            Indeed, [Jehovah] declared boldly [through] Isaiah [that] “The Logos was not discovered by [those who] worshiped me, [so] I revealed myself [to a people who did] not ask about me.” *


                    * Abram asked who the intelligence behind nature was, and Jewish scholars have been asking God questions ever since, but not many Christians ask questions. The proof is that not many Christians write about doctrine.


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