Deuteronomy, Chapter 17 - Alternate Translation

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Deuteronomy, Chapter 17 - Alternate Translation

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1          Anyone who lets themselves be used to stain [the reputation of] a member of the community of Israel by looking for the opportunity to slander [them concerning] any immoral or unnatural matter, [is guilty of] the disgusting [sin of] idolatry, and Jehovah their God, will not receive their sacrifice;




2          [So], if any immoral thought or emotion, or unnatural [act that] transgresses the covenant [that] Jehovah your God gave [to Israel] be found concerning any man or woman, and




3          They have lusted for [Sophia], the moon [goddess], and gone and bowed down to [her, and to Tammuz, her] son, [or lusted for any of] the [other] gods and goddesses [that exist in] the spiritual world above [this material world], and labored for all [those] other gods, which I have not commanded [you to do], and




4          [If] it is obvious to you [that, after] inquiring with a good motive [and] understanding [the facts] intelligently [with your] righteous [mind], that the evidence that [you have uncovered] is true, [that] this disgusting thing was done in Israel,




5          Then, [in that event], the man that desired the woman [who is] his [spiritual] mate [more than God], the mate that had the immoral and unnatural thoughts or desires, that man [who] lusted for the [spiritual] woman [who is] his mate [more than God], shall go [into the spiritual dimension of his soul] and stone [the spiritual woman who is] his mate with stones, [until the spiritual woman that is] his mate, dies; and




6          If [Moses (the Law) and Christ, Abraham’s seed], the two female witnesses, say [that the man] should be killed [because of the immoral thoughts that the spiritual woman who is his mate put in his mind and emotions, or the unnatural acts that he has done], that man should not die, [unless the Father and Righteous Adam in heaven, and young Adam, their Messenger in the earth], the three male witnesses, unanimously witness [that he has not killed the spiritual woman who put those immoral thoughts in his mind and emotions which led him to commit those unnatural acts],




7          [Then, in that event], the unified mind of the [three] witnesses to [the immoral thoughts and unnatural acts] within all of the people [whose] mind is in the left [side of their heart] center, shall burn the immoral [woman who lusted for] unnatural acts with fire, and she shall die;




8          [So], when you have to make a judicial decision [that requires you] to discern the difference between the blood [that is shed when a murder is committed], and the blood [that is] shed [as a result of manslaughter], and [between] a motive [that benefited the guilty party] and a motive of [self-defense], and [whether there was permanent] damage or damage [that could be repaired], and




9          You go to a priest, a descendant of Levi, and to the judge that exists in those days, [who has the authority to vindicate or punish the accused], and ask that he reveal the appropriate verdict to you, and




10        [Then], do what[ever the priest who is instructed by the judge] from above tells you [to do, and] you oppose [the First Adam], the part of you that is separated [from God], and choose to guard the whole [Adam, which is the instruction that] Jehovah delivered to you by the Spirit,




11        [Let your] heart [be influenced by] the spiritual speech [that comes from] above, [and let] your judicial decisions [be influenced by] the spiritual understanding of the law [that comes from] above; [and] do not to turn away from speaking [the truth about] an [immoral] issue [that exists within your mind or emotions, or an unnatural act that you have done, but] let your righteous side stand boldly opposite [the immoral thoughts and unnatural behavior of the First Adam, the spiritual woman that you are married to],


 12       [Because] the arrogant man [who] has immoral thoughts and engages in the unnatural behavior [of the First Adam], lacks the intelligent [mind of God that] understands the ministry of the priest who stands in front of [the Shekinah], the God [who is] Jehovah’s mate, [who] desires to vindicate [him, so] he shall die [when] he is cast into [the lake] that burns with fire,


13        [But], all the people [who] revere [God, shall have] the intelligent [mind of God that] understands [the ministry of the priest who stands in front of the Shekinah, and they shall resist the immoral thoughts and emotions of the First Adam, and not engage in his unnatural acts any] more,


14        [But when] you come into the land that Jehovah, your God, shall give you to possess and live in, [the spiritual woman who is your mate] shall say [to you], “I will set a king over [you, from] all the nations that surround you,”


15        But you shall set a king over yourself, [and] you shall set [a king over the spiritual woman in your heart] center, [that] Jehovah your God shall choose [from among your] brethren; You shall not give a stranger that does not resemble you power [over you], by making him your king, and


16        [The king that Jehovah selects] shall not increase the people of [Judah, Jehovah’s] mate, [into spiritual male war] horses, [because] increasing [Judah into spiritual male war] horses will turn them back to Egypt, [when] Jehovah said,” [this people] belongs to [me, and] they shall continue in my lifestyle and not return [to the Egyptian lifestyle any] more;”


17        Neither shall they increase the women that belong to them, nor greatly increase the money and commodities that belong to [them, so that] they do not return to Egypt in their heart, and


18        It shall come to pass [that the Messiah of Jehovah, your King], shall sit upon the throne [of] the kingdom [of God, and] he shall write a copy of this law [in the heart of the Israelites who are his] mate, [so] that [their personalities] reflect the personality of the Levite priests, and


19        It shall come to pass that Jehovah [your] God shall teach [Israel, his] mate, to morally revere [him, and Israel, his] mate, shall guard all the words of this law, and these decrees to do them, [and] it shall come to pass that they shall call out to [Jehovah, their God] all the days [of their] lives


20        With respect to prolonging their days in the kingdom of Israel, unless the animal side of his brethren rises up [against] the spiritual seed in their heart center, [and] they turn away from the right [path of following] the commandments to the dark side,

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