More About Reincarnation Q & A

Tuesday, 18 January 2022 14:24

More About Reincarnation Q & A

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More About Reincarnation
Q & A


Pastor Vitale: As I was writing up my notes this morning, the Lord gave me the following wisdom: The term “passed” instead of “died” as always aggravated me but I did not understand why other than that I thought it was dishonest, a euphemism rather than facing the truth. But now I understand. It is offensive to me (actually to the Christ in me) to say that a personality of the first Adam “passed,” because it is only Christ, the second Adam, that passes. The first Adam dies

And where does the higher soul, the Christ within a human pass to: if there is a prepared vessel is available, it passes into that soul-personality-body cluster by Ibur. the body with its ego (soul) and personality which are the first Adam who is made from the earth goes back to the earth, i.e., the spiritual clay that is made from the earth and the spirit of God, for reformation.


J.H.: Thank you, Pastor. Do primordial kings similarly "pass"? Also, does Christ ever pass by ibur into another vessel at birth or does this occur at another stage of that human's spiritual development?


Pastor Vitale:

1. A soul part of the second Adam that was incarnate in national Israel that “went to sleep” because there was no prepared vessel to reveal itself through, but was inherited by and born with the fetus of a human descendant of national Israel. This is what happened to Jesus of Nazareth,


2. A soul part of the second Adam that incarnated in a member of Israel, had spiritual experiences through that human being, and then passed out of that human being when it died, into another human being (incarnation by ibur from one human being to another). This is what happened when the soul of Elijah transferred into Elisha,


3. A soul part of the Lord Jesus Christ (the second Adam plus Jesus of Nazareth) that incarnated in a member of his Church (either by gilgul or ibur), directly from the world of creation, i.e., NOT a transfer from another human being,


4. A soul part of the Lord Jesus Christ (the second Adam plus Jesus of Nazareth) that incarnated in a member of his Church, had spiritual experiences through that human being, and then passed out of that human being when it died, into another human being (incarnation by ibur from one human being to another). I believe that this has happened twice that I know of, and both times the soul parts of the Lord Jesus entered into members of this ministry,


5. The seed (blood) of the Lord Jesus Christ, which has the potential to develop into Christ and then Christ Jesus (the second Adam plus Jesus of Nazareth), delivered by the foolishness of preaching.


An incarnation of the Lord Jesus Christ is a "beachhead." He told me that once he establishes a beachhead, i.e., a vessel that he can express himself through, he will never give up that beachhead. In other words, he will never go to sleep, but will always raise up a vessel to express himself through in the earth. He is here to stay.


J.H.: Am I correct that when I read parts 1 and 2 of the above, that primordial kings can both be inherited at birth or incarnated from a human being that has died into another through ibur?


Pastor Vitale: yes


J.H.: And that when I read parts 3 and 4 that a soul part of the Lord Jesus Christ is not inherited at birth but incarnated in a member of the Church at some stage in their spiritual development?


Pastor Vitale: I don't know that you can call the impartation of the Blood/seed an incarnation, but i will agree with your statement as long as you draw a distinction between the incarnation of the primordial king, ie, the full person of Jesus, which is what Paul experienced, and the Blood/seed, for which there is no guarantee that it will even sprout.


I think I would have to call the Blood/Seed an impartation, rather than an incarnation and the "incarnation" occurs when the Son of Man is birthed as a result of the impartation.


J.H.: I understand. And a person does not have to have either inherited or received an incarnation of a primordial king (1 or 2 above) in order to receive an impartation of the Blood/Seed?


Pastor Vitale: No, but it is more difficult for the Blood to birth the Son of Man when there is no primordial king. My understanding right now is that the Blood is really not a seed, but a condensed version of the Father who is given to the creation to bring the red drop (female) who has overtaken the Son into submission.


J.H.: I understand. I am then desiring to understand if there is an order to the examples set forth in parts 3, 4 and 5 above. Is the example in 5 (impartation of the blood) a condition precedent to a person having the potential to experience the scenarios in 3 and 4?


Pastor Vitale: A primordial king is likened to the Father who is sent to liberate the seed that is given to the individual to birth the Son of Man.


Everyone born of a woman has the corrupted seed who is now the Devil, and his mate, the Shekinah, who became Satan.


The seed is buried in Abel, the Dust/conscience. Abel must be resurrected by the power of the Blood, the seed liberated, and born as the Son of Man, the savior of the individual.


J.H.: Thank you- that has helped me tremendously


Pastor Vitale: You are welcome


J.H.: I see the chronology in the person regarding the seed in Abel, power of the blood and birthing of the Son of Man


I am just not sure I understand where the soul part of the Lord Jesus Christ (as explained in parts 3 and 4) relate to that understanding or where they fit chronologically


Pastor Vitale: My understanding is that there is only one person that incarnates according to #3, such as Noah.


Noah imparted something parallel to the Blood to Shem, Ham and Japheth, but when Noah fell, they all lost their immortality, and the next that we hear about someone in that spiritual office is Abraham (sort of - he passed the seed along). And then Jesus and Paul and the other apostles, I guess.


J.H.: What about Melchizedek and Enoch?


Pastor Vitale: Joshua was like Shem, Ham, and Japheth (Moses like Noah), but could not pass it on.


I think that things were different on the other side of the Flood. I don't know what Adam was like. My understanding is that Enoch was taken like Elijah, who was probably an incarnation of Enoch.


So there seem to have been several who had a parallel office to Noah, but none of the recipients of that office could pass it on after the person in that office (of high priest) died.


Now, Melchizedek was not a man. Melchizedek is a spiritual office, like Elijah. His position is the 10th Sefirah of the World of Creation.


You may remember that the office of Elijah compasses two Seefirot, Chesed, the highest of the 6 Sefirot of the Son in the World of Creation (Eli) and the third position (the Father =Jah) of the World of Emanation.


Whoever ascends to the 10th Sefirah of the World of Creation attains to the Office of Melchizedek, high Priest of Jehovah.


Jesus attained to that height and now holds that office.


Every human being that he occupies in an embedded way, becomes a priest. And since Jesus is from the tribe of Judah, his priests are called the priests of Judah.


So, what I wrote above that Jesus told me that he is a "beachhead" that he would never give up, meaning that he will have a continuing presence (priesthood) in the earth, means that Jesus is the first high priest that has the authority to establish an immortal priesthood in the earth.


Heb 7:24:  But this man, because he continueth ever, hath an unchangeable priesthood.   KJV


J.H.: Is that what Hebrews 7:15 refers to? (Jesus attaining to that height?)


Pastor Vitale: Yes


J.H.: Thank you so much.


Pastor Vitale: You are very welcome.


Pastor Vitale: I want to clarify what I said here. Paul and the apostles received the office from Jesus, like Elisha received it from Elijah, and they passed on what they received. But the disciples of Elisha and Paul could not pass on what they received because Elisha and Paul, through whom the anointing of the immortal Elijah and Jesus passed, died. The Mediator between the people and the High Priest, died. So, for Jehovah to keep his word to Abraham that he would have spiritual (immortal) offspring in the earth, there would have to be an immortal Mediator in the earth that would channel the anointing from Jesus to the people forever, which is the Judean priesthood. So Jehovah is obligated to manifest an immortal Mediator in the earth, a permanent incarnation of Christ Jesus, the priests of Judah.


From this we learn that there is no office of "high priest," but that the term "high priest" only means "the elder brother", i.e., the firstborn priest. And this makes sense since Aaron's sons ministered in pairs, such Nadab and Abihu, and then Eleazar and Ithamar.


Ex 31:10:  And the cloths of service, and the holy garments for Aaron the priest, and the garments of his sons, to minister in the priest's office,   KJV


Jesus is called "high priest" because he is the firstborn among all the priests that come from the tribe of Judah.


And this brethren, completes the Lord's introduction to my message tomorrow, the study on the Firstborn Son that you received the notes for in part one of that message.


God bless you all!


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