Cloning And Other Matters

Wednesday, 30 September 2020 14:57

Cloning And Other Matters

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Dear Pastor Sheila,


Thanks again for another good and enlightening message today. (Message: THE FALSE PROPHET & HIS DOCTRINE - #1054 Part 1, Preached on Sept. 27, 2020). I know I am really blessed of God to be able to listen and received your messages of God’s truth without running away in panic or rebelling through pride. It has indeed been a privilege.


I have a comment regarding cloning which you mentioned in the earlier exhortation. 


My mind couldn’t flow with the concept of a cloned adult. I believe the process of cloning start from cells/DNA manipulation and initial human egg development planted in a surrogate mother in reproductive cloning; otherwise completely grown in a lab? While animals have been cloned successfully, I’m not aware of any credible scientific consensus on human cloning, though no one can categorically say that it’s not happening now. But the fact is, animal or human, a clone would go through years of slow and natural biological development. Therefore a supposedly cloned human aged 45 years for instance, must have been cloned in a process which started 45 years ago. And to develop a clone of an individual in anticipation or as a calculated plan to fulfil a purpose in the future, is farfetched. If my view is correct, then it couldn’t have been practically possible for Obama or any other adult to have been cloned many years ago in anticipation of today’s situation. Therefore, to scientifically manufacture an adult person within a short time is wild fantasy unless the bio-tech process and practical development could be proven openly.


The originators of these theories about cloning could be just conspiracy theorists. Conspiracy theories not based on real proof and presented as truth should essentially still be regarded as hypothesis. The internet media has become a minefield of information, ideas and theories backing various narratives but I hope God would reveal the truth to us and give us direction in all situations. Regarding the cloning of Obama and others, for me at the moment, the questions and doubts far outweigh the possibility.


In Christ,



Pastor Vitale’s Response


Hello D.


I appreciate your sharing your point of view with me. As I told the brethren, I, myself, am not completely convinced, so my response is not to strive with you, but to point out some issues that I have considered as I continue to pray about this issue.


1.  It is documented (Operation Paperclip) that thousands of German Nazi scientists were given amnesty and US citizenship after WWII. They emigrated to the US and populated the scientific community of NASA, and still run it.


2. Some of the information given by these scientists include the admission that their superior technology was given to them by aliens that inhabit an underground city that is covered over by the continent of Antarctica.


3. About two years ago, many heads of state, as well as the Russian Patriarch and, I think, but am not sure, the Pope flew to Antarctica.


4. Antarctica is protected by military forces. No commercial airlines can go there.


5. It appears that our government now is in possession of many technologies far advanced of the science that the citizenry of the world is told about, including time travel. The US Military is in possession of these secrets and many more. The science that the citizenry is not told about is at least 50 years in advance of what we are told. It is documented that both US and Russian Military have trained their soldiers to "super soldiers" that travel in the spirit and become invisible on the ground, and much more.


6. Government pictures exist of flying saucers rising from under the water in Antarctica, straight up into the air, as well as descending into the water.

7. The existence of aliens has now been publicly mentioned by President Reagan and President Bush.


Beware of idolatry for human knowledge and the Science that has lied to us about climate change, Evolution, COVID-19, and killed, maimed and sterilized hundreds of thousands of Africans that they tested their vaccines and other products on.


Beware of COVID-19 vaccines. The trials on the first vaccines have halted because the test subjects experienced dangerous side effects and both doctors and scientists have spoken out saying that they will change our DNA.


Pray about everything and ask the Lord for wisdom.


God bless you.


Sheila R. Vitale


Response from the Brethren


Pastor Sheila,


Good morning/day to you. I’m trusting that God is keeping you in good health. 


That you most sincerely for your response and further enlightenment on my comment.  Your answer was a blessing. 


It’s amazing how one subject matter opens up a holistic spiritual understanding. This is one of the reasons why I appreciate you and the one who works through you. 


Thank you.


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