Spiritual Literature

Tuesday, 27 June 2017 11:16

Spiritual Literature

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I received the book you are preaching about (The Voice of the Turtle Dove - Secret Doctrine of the Gaon of Vilna, Vol 1) yesterday, and started reading the introduction and background and skimmed some of the chapters. I was hoping there would be some teaching within. 


Would you recommend the second book as well? (What is in the book is very hard to understand, so I'm asking the Lord to help me to grasp what He wants me to get out of the book). It is very interesting so far.


Thank you again for your time.

Love, R


Pastor’s Response


Hi R,


In response to your question about whether or not you should read vol 2 of the Voice of the Turtle Dove, I started to thumb through the book, and I asked the Lord what I should tell you. The response that I received was that the spiritual attack on you last Sunday came from reading vol 1. By reading vol 1 you have opened yourself to any attacks that are coming against me for preaching against that message, as well as the antichrist spirit on the book. I think that you should not read vol 2 and that you should get vol 1 out of the house.


Love, Sheila




Hi Pastor,


I agree with you. I have had the book on my desk and have not been able to open it up to read it again and was actually thinking of returning it because I couldn't understand much of it anyway. But regardless of that, I have had a tendency in the past to read spiritual literature and I'm sure a lot of it was not of God. It's a door I probably shouldn't open at this point and you confirmed that for me. I will return the book tomorrow. Thank you so much for your thoughts, and thank God for giving you the answer for me.


Love, R


Pastor’s Reply


Hi R,


Your own words clarify the issue. When we read spiritual literature that we cannot understand it opens us to unclean spirits.


I can read it because I understand it enough to see the error in it.


So I advise the LEM/CCK students to only read passages of esoteric books that I actually preach on. That way they receive both understanding of the passage and an explanation of the error, which makes that passage safe.


Love, Sheila
Pastor, Teacher & Founder
Living Epistles Ministries
Christ-Centered Kabbalah


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