The Egg Of Creation

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The Egg Of Creation

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Question: After going through prior videos and yesterday's message again, I think I have a pretty good understanding now about the eggs and the chromosomes. Here are some last questions/thoughts:


1.       I want to make sure this part is right... when the two columns are blended completely into the middle column and we are ready for the Lord Jesus Christ to join with our Y (after the burning of the X, or fallen nature), will the YY that is formed from that union be a brand new creation?  (We do not know what we will be like, but we see Jesus.) Is this correct?

Pastor Vitale: YES


Question: 2. Maybe this ties in with Question 1, but I am still confused about the manchild. It is my understanding that we are waiting for the manchild (middle column) to be born, and you said that the manchild is Christ Jesus, the offspring of the Lord Jesus Christ. When is the manchild actually born? And would that mean the new creation of God has come into existence, which are the people who now have the YY and are part of the two witness company?


I am trying to understand how the manchild could be Christ Jesus (the egg), and also the result of the fertilization of that egg, or the new creation of God.


Pastor Vitale: The man child is Christ Jesus, the regenerated Adam, the egg of creation.  In this instance, spiritual reproduction differs from human reproduction:


In human reproduction, the woman is born with ovarian eggs, which, when fertilized by a sperm, becomes an embryo, the beginning of the child.


In spiritual reproduction for humanity, which is fallen, the ovarian egg (so to speak) does not exist. The ovarian egg is the female chromosome of Adam, who was bisected after the fall. Adam, the egg of creation, died.


The female chromosome is one of two elements (chromosomes) that form a female seed when they twist together.


The male chromosome is either present through genetic inheritance (seed from Mt. Sinai), or must be received from a person who already has it, either through language or the written word that carries that spiritual element. When both male and female chromosomes are present, they twist together and are called, “a seed,” a female seed that is not yet an egg. In other words, an ovarian egg that has not yet ovulated.


Once both the male and female chromosomes are present within a person, the fallen nature wars against the personality who is trying to blend the two elements into a viable spiritual egg. As far as I understand it right now, it is impossible for a person to produce a viable spiritual egg without having the hidden motives (sins) of the heart exposed, and then confessing them and rejecting them. This is explained as two columns. The male and female chromosomes, twisted together, but not blended, on the right vs. the carnal mind on the left.


This seed then must war against and overcome the carnal mind. The overcoming of the carnal mind manifests as “dragging” her into the middle column and blending with her, against her will, which is accomplished by a fiery spiritual warfare.  In this conflict, the “seed” is male to the carnal mind, which is the female, but the whole process is taking place within the Woman.


So the result of the process is a female egg that can produce only a male offspring, which is called a “man child,” but is actually an ovulated female egg, the egg of creation, the regenerated Adam. It is not YY. It is only Y, a crippled egg (like Jacob) that can only produce on one side, the male side.


So the egg of creation is forged out of the fire that blends the seed (male and female chromosome) of God (female chromosome comes from the Lord Jesus, male chromosome comes from Jehovah-Mt. Sinai) with the elements of the carnal mind.


The name of the female seed (male and female chromosomes twisted together) is “Christ.” The name of the male child is “Christ Jesus.” The name of the creation of God is “Adam.”  Christ Jesus and Adam do appear today in varying degrees, as the Lord Jesus Christ joins himself to Christ in a person to accomplish his own purposes.


The two witness company is a company of mortal persons where Christ (the female seed that has the potential to produce Christ Jesus, the egg of creation) is resurrected. Revelation, Chapter 11 indicates that there are two degrees of the two witness company:


On the occasion that the Lord Jesus Christ joins with Christ, the female seed, and “looks” through one of these mortal persons, that person becomes a member of “the two witness company” until the Lord Jesus disengages. It is not a permanent state.


9        And [the Lord Jesus Christ and Christ] shall look out of the ruined [material bodies] of people, and races, and languages, and nations, [for] three and one half [spiritual] days, and [the two witnesses] shall not permit the ruined sepulchers that they are in the midst of], to put them into a prone position,


On the occasion that the Lord Jesus Christ joins with Christ Jesus, the egg of creation, and pronounces judgment through one of these mortal persons, that person becomes a member of “the two witness company” until the Lord Jesus disengages. It is not a permanent state.


6        And these [the Lord Jesus Christ and Christ Jesus], have the authority to shut up heaven, so that [the Holy Spirit] does not rain [in their churches] during the time period that they prophecy [to them], and they have authority over [Satan, the spiritual] waters [of the unconscious part of their carnal mind, to turn them to blood, and to abort the spiritual fetuses growing there], and to pummel the earth [of their physical bodies] with deadly plagues as often as they want to,


I am sorry for any confusion my misuse of these names have caused the disciples as I struggle to understand all that the Lord is teaching me and to deliver it to you.


The whole process above is necessary because Adam died. Adam came into existence in an incomplete state. His spiritual fertility was unformed and not ready to be fertilized by Elohim. Today, the Israel of God is struggling to get back to where Adam was when he was murdered, and to go beyond – to have the egg of creation formed in them.


Elohim’s male seed, likened to incense, descends upon the burning coal, the ovulated female egg that has only one Y chromosome, the x chromosome being a charred mass of burnt ashes. The heat of the union releases the smoke of the incense, which carries the prayers of the saints to the Ancient of Days.


What I have written above is the fullest extent of what I know at this time. I do not have any information about the process that births Adam from the union of the coal (egg) and the incense (sperm) of God, or how we, the human host, are affected initially, and thereafter. We do know that at the end of the process our physical body is gone and we have spiritual bodies.


It is my personal belief that we will not receive spiritual bodies until the 8th millennium. This, if correct, means that our physical bodies will be preserved, because the whole Adam (the Lord Jesus Christ joined to Christ Jesus, the egg of creation) will be inhabiting us.


You might say, the 7th millennium will be a 1,000 year pregnancy, after which Adam will be fully born as an indestructible man. Jesus, the head, is already born. At that time, there will be no more need for a Mediator. We will all be fully joined to Jehovah.




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