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What will be the impact of Brexit, the referendum in Great Britain which the majority voted to leave the European Union?



What do you make out of what is happening in Britain… the referendum in which majority voted to leave the EU? What do you think brought about this turn-around for Britain?


I am so glad you addressed it and of course what the Lord said to you about what caused the tide to turn is so, so exciting!!


Praise God!!



Start of Message Excerpt: Exhortation of #873 - Part 4 GILGAMESH


I got so excited last night. I really could not wait to share this with you. As I was working on the book last night the Lord said… do you know what is going on with Donald Trump and what just happened in England. I believe that the direction of the Christian world has turned. The Christian world has been dying for years. We have been going down into the pit, and we have turned. God has joined himself to us and we have turned. We are headed back up. It is not going to be easy, there is going to be hard times, there is going to be financial and economic problems but we are on the way back up. And the momentum will not stop. We are going to throw out these New World Order people. Christ Jesus is going to destroy them. There is not a doubt in my mind.


Well, the Lord told me last night… well I knew that this ministry had a lot to do with it… that this message that we are preaching had a lot to do with it, but what the Lord said to me last night is this… you may remember my teachings on Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. I preached on it quite a while ago… but I refer to it from time to time. Something is not real unless you see it. There has to be an observer; if it is not observed, it is not real and it does not come into existence.


Well, what we have seen… and you have to believe what you see…what we have seen, at least the first people I believe in this time period any way… we have seen the truth of the word of God, what the author of the word of God is actually saying about the end times... We have seen that. It has been preached here. We have seen it and we believed it. And that is what turned the tide. Because what we believed is now coming into existence.


All of the preachers of God’s Church have said the country is going to be destroyed. The Church is going to be destroyed except for those that are raptured and leave their clothes behind, and however else they put it… pardon my sarcasm... And the whole country, the whole world is going to be destroyed. God is going to abandon the whole planet. And that probably would have happened, or at least something close to it, something similar to a flood.


But he raised up Christ Jesus in a group of people. He raised him up in me to preach it. He raised him up in you all that you could believe the positive message, the truth of what God wants to happen to us. And because we saw it and believed it, it has turned the whole tide. That is what he told me last night. I was almost jumping up and down in my chair.


I knew it had something to do with it but this really explains it to me, completely explains it to me. There is a difference between being in denial or being in some kind of fantasy and believing what the word of God says, what it is really saying through that word of God.


But of course you have to study, you have to hear the message. You have to understand the message before you chose to believe it. But we did it. We preached it and believed it in time to turn the tide. And every one of you that has been a part of this, you need to know that you have been a part of a great work of the Lord Jesus Christ. Now don’t go getting your pride all out of whack. This is the reason for which you were born, to save the world.


Probably we are the only ones that would believe it but it is true anyhow. It is still true. You need to know who you are. And there is a responsibility that comes with who you are. You have to behave in accordance with who you are. You have a responsibility. You are an example to the whole world, whether you know it or not.

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