Black Lives Matter - Introduction

Thursday, 25 August 2016 04:50

Black Lives Matter - Introduction

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Introduction from Anthony Milton's book "From The Eyes Of A Cop: Black Lives Matter"


This book from the eyes of a Cop was in the making long before the saying, “Black Lives Matter”. From the eyes of a Cop, “Black Lives Matter” is book that would open anyone’s mind that wants to know the truth. After hearing, people talk about it, and seeing the violence on television shows, I struggled to understand how some young and older black’s riot, loot, injurie others, and damage property in their neighborhoods. I watched the things that were done in the name of “Black Lives Matter”. “What can I do to say that black lives matter”, I thought? I did not have the TV or the radio for my platform as some individuals had. The only thing I had at my disposal was my opinion: my thoughts and my experience as a former police officer.


For days, I struggle within my mind, wondering what I should do and how I can help. I decided to write from the eyes of a cop, and “Black Lives Matter”. I wanted this booklet to be arousing to any reader; I want them to see from the eyes of a cop and “Black Lives Matter” in a manner that I have not heard collectively.


This book can be a blessing to anyone who picks it up, scans through the pages, or sees the cover from afar.


I am a black male. I did not want to read any books that did not have any pictures. A spiritual light of understanding went off in my head that is a stupid thought. “What if somebody wanted to hide something from me in a book”, I thought. I would never know because I have decided not to read any books without any pictures. I’m afraid to say that many in the black race have decided not to read anything at all that pertains to what I heard, it’s  from the white man, and especially if it has to do with black history. Some black individuals believe that the white man change history to keep a black person back and down.


God has given me the ability to look at anything to bring forth a thought-provoking message. That is what I am going to do. I thank the Almighty God. I give him the praise and glory for helping me to put this book together.


I was gathering all of my notes together when I came across lots of interesting things that clearly defines “Black Lives Matter”. Some individuals would refuse accept the truth, but it will be the truth.


We as black Americans and other Americans need to look back into history to see what our forefathers did for us. In this booklet, I have selected one individual that I believe was before his time. His name is Booker T. Washington. Some of his writings are in this book. You will read that black lives do matter but not in the way that is being portrayed on television and in the neighborhood of today’s society.


I want you to come away with an understanding is not that black lives matter, for who we to say or decide which life matters. From the eyes of God, all lives matter and your opinion cannot change that.


Black lives matter is not about stealing, rioting, killing, injuring, raping, setting fires to buildings, and police cars. We as black Americans need to wake up from the self-imposed mental shackle that we have put on ourselves, continually blaming other people for our lack of having and receiving.


We are responsible for the outcome of our lives. Do not allow yourself to be deceived, to be used by those black and white individuals behind the scenes. They have a different agenda from what you have. So what if you steal a few TVs, radios, clothing, food? How does that help black lives matter?


When another race of people sees black individuals committing violence on the news, what are they to think about other blacks? They would put us all in the same box and that is not good?


Your bad behavior has cast a black shadow on your race all in the name of “Black Lives Matter”.


From The Eyes of a Cop, Black Lives Matter is more about lives. It is about truth, morality, character, behavior of all individuals.


“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”


Edmund Burke


[Taken from Anthony Milton's book, "From the Eyes of a Cop:  Black Lives Matter"]

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  • Comment Link Discovering Life Tuesday, 29 August 2017 14:04 posted by Discovering Life

    This is a good book. I need to get a copy.


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